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Here at Riddle Boatworks we strive to not only build you a quality product that stands the test of time through rough Hawaiian Waters, but also to offer you outstanding and professional customer service. For those of you that have loyally followed us from the beginning, your input and support have been a foundation for us. And for those not familliar with our company, we urge you to call , email or come by to visit the shop at any time. We are happy to hear your input and answer questions. READ MORE


ProductCharacteristics2012-01.png The best replacement for lumber in your boat

What makes an RBW Boat unique

Our boats are constructed using an Advanced Thermolite Composite to increase strength and durability while eliminating heavy, degradable products such as lumber. There will be no water absorbtion, mold or rot in your boat as the entire substructure is constructed of only Thermolite. The strength of this product not only far outweighs traditional lumber but outlasts the 3M foam coring being used by many manufacturers today as well. As an added bonus, this product is over 30% lighter than lumber, producing a boat that has an overall weight significantly less than it's competitors. This means for you, not only a faster vessel but one that takes much less fuel to move. These days fuel efficiency is key to the enjoyment of your boat , for recreation or for work. Decrease fuel expenses and increase profits. This is a key component to RBWs commitment to producing the highest quality vessel that is moving into the future of boat building. READ MORE